Non-standard equipment and metal structures

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Liquid containers, tanks, vessels

Liquid containers, tanks, vessels

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It is necessary to pay attention to the main stages – design, calculation of characteristics, assessment of product mission, operation requirements, installation site - here are some factors, which are considered when developing capacities. Before putting into production, consultations are surely held with the Customer. After that, the following information is determined:

  • Tank sizes;
  • Wall thickness;
  • Types of the applied support;
  • Shape;
  • Isolation;
  • Arrangement of shutoff valves and other indicators.

This information gives an opportunity of tanks design with high quality and precision. Very important factor is the choice of materials. Stainless steel is suitable for water storage, and titanium is applied for aggressive media.

The choice of material depends on the tank's technical parameters, service conditions and the budget of the Client. All this will allow to design reliable reservoir for any purposes.

Why is it necessary to contact our company for liquid reservoirs?

The first thing that it is worth paying attention in our work is a high-precision modern equipment, which allows to approach technological process qualitatively. Also thanks to our design department, there is an opportunity to create various shapes and technical parameters on demand. If there is a request to execute an order in short terms, our specialists will manufacture metal reservoir for any kind of liquids, any complexity, and different configurations within the designated time.

Industrial Vostok Engineering puts in priority high quality of products, which is reached by cooperation with reliable suppliers. We operate with vessels made of high-carbon stainless steel, galvanized steel, titanium and other metals in order to serve many years. Our company is ready to produce non-standard shapes.