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Hoppers (silos)

Hoppers (silos)

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Hoppers are reservoirs of various shapes and volume; they serve for reception and collecting of raw materials, distribution of intermediate products and for storage of final goods. Material discharge is conducted via hatches located in the bottom or a wall of the hopper. Constructions, identical with hoppers, but where the height is more than cross section, are called silos.

Application of hoppers (silos) in production:

  • Collecting hoppers are used for connection of periodically operated external transport with continuous production of the enterprise;
  • Intermediate hoppers are used for ensuring independent operation of process cycles of the plant and are applied for this purpose;
  • Dosing hoppers serve for mixing up of a certain structure;
  • Reloading hoppers provide continuous uninterrupted power of transport units, loaded by loading devices of periodic action;
  • Distributive hoppers apply for distribution of material from one highly loaded unit between several less loaded.

Advantage of hoppers (silos) of "Industrial Vostok Engineering"

  • High quality of hoppers (silos) is reached thanks to volume modeling method at design, use of modern equipment for their production and a system approach to the challenge.
  • Design and construction are included into the price of ready goods.

The guarantee for hoppers (silos) makes 12 months.