Non-standard equipment and metal structures

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Production of non-standard metalwork

LLC Industrial Vostok Engineering is also engaged in independent manufacture and production of non-standard metalwork of any complexity from construction steel, low-alloyed steel and titanium. Thanks to existence of own design department, the company works with drawings of the Customer and designs own metal products.

On our website you can order anytime: reservoirs for liquids (liquid tanks) of any shape and parameters; hydraulic valve shutters with mobile gate which can be adapted for operation in the most aggressive environment; gas flues for gas extraction out of thermal units, which can be executed with different types of thermal insulation; armor of mills (crushers), which are not only manufactured but also can be repaired by our specialists; gas-lifts for oil production and reservoir waters; vortex regulators. Industrial Vostok Engineering is also engaged in production of bunkers (silos) for end goods storage with 12-month guarantee and transport galleries for bulks movement, taking into account site specifics and the Customer's demands.

You also should not worry, if you don't know what to do with your products. Specialists of Industrial Vostok Engineering not only produce, but also install different kind of equipment.