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REITZ industrial fans

REITZ industrial fans: international quality and family values

In 1948, Conrad Reitz, creating a company for production of special purpose fans, relied on family values, which became fundamental for the enterprise. As time passed, the number of production facilities and capacities were increased, the staff extended, but values remained the same. As in any family business, universal quality control and operational management became the main distinctive features of the German company.

It allowed a small German company to grow to globally acting group with 5 plants and 11 subsidiaries, which were located worldwide: Germany, India, China, Brazil, USA.

It is important that the enterprise did not stop on release of one product as often happens to family companies. Its flexibility allowed to improve and develop constantly created products. Therefore, Reitz specializes not only in standard fans, but offers special solutions, in execution according to the Customer's demands.

The proved reliability of German fans allows to use them in the most difficult and technological spheres of industry:

  • Power plants
  • Chemical, pharmaceutical industry, crop production
  • Synthetic materials, petro chemistry, fertilizers
  • Cast iron, steel and non-ferrous metals
  • Food, delicacies
  • Paper, press and packing
  • Wood and wood-shaving materials
  • Glass, mineral wool
  • Cement, lime, plaster
  • Textiles
  • Vehicles (railway transport and municipal equipment)
  • Collecting and recycling, technology of environment protection

To satisfy requirements of hundreds, most different in the specifics, has become possible thanks to a huge variety of Reitz industrial fans:

  • Pressure resistant
  • Pressure impulse resistant
  • Explosion-proof
  • Gas-, liquid, dust proof
  • For high temperatures
  • With protection against corrosion
  • With regulation of pressure restriction, vortex or speed
  • With wear-and-tear protection
  • Special designs (special order and special requirements)
  • With water injection (due to which continuous cleaning in operating time or at idle time is possible)

One more factor, which allowed Reitz to become one of the leading enterprises in industrial ventilating systems, is cooperation with similar large and reliable enterprises. For example, with Russian producer of non-standard equipment for mining and oil-processing industry, metallurgy, power and construction branch - Industrial Vostok Engineering. For many years, our company is the dealer of Reitz and are always ready: to design fans of any complexity in short time, to perform diagnostics and service of the manufactured production, to supply and replace spare accessories (shaft, impeller, casings, bearings). Mutually beneficial cooperation and long-term experience of collaboration allows to keep high quality of products of Reitz, adapting the equipment under local conditions and requirements.