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Spare parts for the fans

Spare parts for the fans

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Industrial fans: production, repair, replacement of details.

On large enterprises of heavy industry (wood processing, cement and other branches), fans of special execution play a very important part. Their direct application - to cool air at the enterprise. It protects the expensive equipment from overheating and malfunction.

Many industrial fans were manufactured in the 70s, so, it is high time to replace them. However, such heavy and expensive equipment can be repaired easily by means of a broken element replacement. It is much cheaper and more convenient. After repair, the fan is capable to operate for more than ten years.

We produce spare parts for any kinds of fans, both domestic, and import production.

1. Fan impeller

It is the most important part, which is built in the casing of the device. The purpose of the impeller is to move huge air volumes. It is possible to manufacture it both - in metal and plastic execution. Additionally, we can produce impellers with various number of blades and of different diameter.

2. Running gear of the fan.

We produce both - steel and cast-iron execution. The running gear of the fan consists of a shaft, which rotates on two bearings. Even proceeding from the name, it is possible to be convinced that it is the most important detail of a cooling fan and the unit will not be able to operate without it.

3. Running gear's shaft with balancing

Included into running gear. Fan impeller is fixed exactly to the shaft.

4. Fan driving wheel

This element is subject to heavy loads most of the time. It performs function of energy transmission from electric drive to the air. The driving wheel is manufactured of titanium, steel or stainless steel

5. Fan housing made of titanium and stainless steel.

It is a part of the unit, where the driving wheel rotates. Fan housing is made of titanium and stainless steel. It means that after its replacement the fan will serve to you for many years and even decades, as this construction will survive both - sharp changes of temperature, and moisture.

In addition, we can help if:

  • The fan is out of order, but you cannot establish the reason independently. We will examine the device, define the reason and repair the fan.
  • Detailed drawings of the fan were lost or because of their old age, they became unreadable. We can restore necessary drawings.
  • We can manufacture fan elements according to your drawings.
  • A non-standard fan is required. We will manufacture fan of any kind, dimensions and shape.