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Microsilica densification unit

Microsilica densification unit

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Micro silicon dioxide (a mikrosilica, silica fume) — represents ultra-disperse material consisting of particles of spherical shape, received in the course of flue gas purification from furnaces at siliceous alloys production.

The main component of material is silica dioxide of amorphous modification. Mikrosilica is the major component at production of concrete with high operational properties. It is used everywhere — from concrete blocks to oil constructions; its operating qualities are being examined and studied worldwide. The durability effect of concrete is gained when filling emptiness of cement with microsilica dioxide particles. In addition, adhesive capacity is much better, than with other mineral additives such as boiler and blast-furnace slag, zeolitic tufa.

It turns out that microsilica dioxide is high-reaction pozzolan and is necessary for receiving more durable and strong cement stone.

In practice, 1 kg of microsilica dioxide gives the same effect of durability, as well as 4-5 kg of the usual Portland-cement. Such characteristics of concrete, as adherence durability, compression strength, and chemical firmness, frost and wear resistance are therefore improved let alone considerable decrease in permeability. All this extends concrete service life.

However bulk density of microsilica dioxide is rather low (approx. 200kg/m3) that is extremely economically inefficient when transporting to the Consumer. The density unit, offered by our company, allows to condense mikrosilica by three times, thereby - to lower costs of its transportation in direct ratio.

The station is equipped with aspiration system, direct and emergency unloading in truck, railway wagon or soft container, two packing knots for soft container 1000 kg and 25 kg (or at choice), the necessary compressor equipment, the instrumentation and automated control systems equipment, screw and (or) scrubber conveyors and also other equipment upon the demand of the Customer. The station is simple in operation, but, at the request of the Customer, full automation of process with visualization can be provided.

For station design, it is necessary to know the operated media's volume in m3/h, the actual bulk density in kg/m3, operating mode, required final density of the product in m3/h, the arrangement scheme of the adjacent equipment and buildings.

The station location requires an aria of approx. 20X20 m.

Configuration of the station is always individual, proceeding from local conditions, and demands predesign and inspection of conditions at a site, and operation by specialists of our company.

The station is developed by specialists of IVE Company.