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Hydrating station for bulk products

Hydrating station for bulk products

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When transporting bulk products on conveyors, there are some dust areas left. Dust, as a rule, is collected by means of aspiration system and is removed to solid wastes landfill. In certain cases, this dust is a valuable product in technological process — for example, coal for combined heat and power plant, cement or clinker in the cement industry, etc. Direct dust return leads to more serious consequences at the next bulk spot. Dust emission increases several times and this process repeats on and on. As a result, transport galleries and surrounding space are covered with a layer of useful product, which has turned into environmental problem, leading to decrease in culture of production, let alone economic losses.

To solve this challenge, our company developed the equipment complex, which is connected in a uniform technological chain - hydrating station.

The station can be equipped with automatic heating of storage hopper, level meters, "respiratory" and safety valves, explosive membranes (at explosive dust), excess air filter, mixing and moistening knot with humidity control etc.

All process of loading, unloading, moistening, control is carried out automatically.

Of course, for each case it is necessary to examine carefully all conditions and properties of dust. Configuration of the station is always individual, proceeding from local conditions, and demands predesign and inspection of conditions at a site and operation by specialists of our company.

Specialists of IVE Company manufactured the station