Non-standard equipment and metal structures

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Non-standard equipment

Production of non-standard equipment: stages, challenges, solutions.

Industrial Vostok Engineering specializes in production of non-standard industrial equipment of any complexity. Experience in this sphere allows to approach this challenge from the most professional point of view. Industrial Vostok Engineering not only manufactures high-quality equipment, but also monitors its condition throughout the whole operation term.

Manufacturing stages of non-standard equipment:

  1. Acquaintance with the enterprise and its production line.
  2. Drawing up design. Includes: energy consumption, efficiency, service life, power, capacity, dimensions.
  3. Production. Our suppliers are very reliable dealers, therefore the equipment is high reliability, long service life and safe in operation.
  4. Installation of non-standard equipment at the Customer's site. Here it is important to consider such details as already existing systems (ventilation, heating), installation area size, illumination, the number of people to operate the equipment and many others.

Companies, which order non-standard type equipment often, face a number of problems:

  1. Price.
    Because of poor production demand, costs of non-standard equipment are high. However, if someone offers to execute the order at the cost, cheaper than average market price, most likely it is a fraud. As expensive price consists of many factors, for example, quality assurance. In attempt to save, it is possible to lose a lot of money. In this particular case, cheaper does not mean better.
  2. Problem to choose a Manufacturer.
    In Russia, there are a few manufacturers, who produce non-standard equipment. To be confident in your choice, you can read all reports and comments and see examples of ready equipment at our website.
  3. Design drawings.
    We can develop design drawings according to specifications of the Client, or manufacture the equipment according to drawings, which were designed by your design bureau.

Non-standard equipment production is a very important and responsible challenge and we are really good at it!