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Corona electrodes

Corona electrodes

IVE Company can develop corona (discharge) electrodes for any type of electric precipitator. Each electrode is a laborious work of our high quality specialists.

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Corona electrode is one of the elements of electric precipitator and serves for creation of corona discharge, which forms non-uniform electric field in order to remove dust from industrial gases. Purification of gas is based on the method that dust particles (due to electrostatic charge, created by corona electrode) are gravitated to the surface of collecting electrodes.

There are two big groups of corona electrodes:

  • electrodes without fixed discharge points
  • electrodes with fixed discharge points along all length

Advantages of corona electrodes, manufactured by "Industrial Vostok Engineering"

  • Wide range of application in various technological processes (drying, roasting, agglomeration, combustion of fuel, etc.);
  • They create effective electric field with constant current density on the surface of precipitation;
  • They have the possibility to change the direction of electric field in corona discharge ignition point;
  • Operating stability in the most severe conditions, including aggressive media;
  • Production of corona electrodes in strict accordance with geometry and saving high rigidity;

Today we have developed three types of corona electrodes the electric precipitator:

  1. Corona electrode, type "Hedgehog"
  2. Corona electrode, type "Saw"
  3. Corona electrode, type "Spring"

Guarantee for corona type electrodes makes 12 months.