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Evaporation cooler

Evaporation cooler

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To decrease the temperature before its supply to electric precipitator or bag filter our company offers gas coolers with injection of a small amount of water. Its operating principle is based on crushing of water drops at micron level and their full evaporation in flow with absorption of heat.

Calculation of such coolers is performed together with our partner from Germany "Lechler" which is the developer and world-class manufacturer of special atomizing (spraying) equipment. At the same time, all features and requirements to gas cooling and the choice of required accessories are considered. It is impossible to develop a universal design for all cases. Therefore, in each case specialists of the company determine the optimum diameter and height of a tower and its completeness. Gas volume and temperature, start-up and stop features of main process units (especially in winter period), chemical composition of gas etc. influence it. Ambient temperature, dust content of the flow, gas humidity, and temperature fluctuations have no significant effect on this equipment.

Cooler is equipped with incoming flow laminization system, emergency cooling, pump station complete with Instrumentation and controls, cabinet with parameters control and automation for flow rate and water pressure adjustment, recirculation water supply to nozzles. This decision allows to cool nozzles constantly avoiding lime deposit and is optimum to be operated at negative temperature during winter period. The quality of water necessary for injection does not demand chemical preparation. Technical water or fire and drinking water quality may be used.

In the lower part, there is a special dust transfer conveyor for removal of dry solid from hopper part of the tower. Slime is not formed in this unit.


The advantage of this unit is exact temperature regulation, cooling of damp and extremely dusty gases.

Temperature regulation fluctuates within the limit of 650ºС at the inlet and 130ºС at the outlet with possibility to maintain the set temperature at the outlet in the automatic mode.

These devices are successfully operated abroad and in the Russian Federation.