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Convective cooler

Convective cooler

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Convective cooler represents the loopback gas flue, executed in the form of a coil, along which hot air-gas mixture moves. Since the gas flue has a “zig-zag” configuration and, respectively, big length, gas stays within the cooler's gas flue for quite a long time. During this time, thermal energy passes into the atmosphere through the walls. Convection process takes place.

The advantage of this unit is minimum technical maintenance, total absence of energy consumption and also opportunity to operate both - under discharge and under pressure.

Temperature adjustment starts from 650ºС at the inlet to 130ºС at the outlet, with possibility to maintain the set temperature at the outlet in automatic mode. Definition of the cooled flow dew point is very important. For this purpose, it is necessary to know chemical composition of the cooled gas since excessive cooling can lead to condensation and dust agglomeration. To prevent this phenomenon, adjustment control fittings and bypass are installed. These devices are successfully operated abroad and in the Russian Federation. Practice shows that if they work insufficiently, then calculation procedures were usually made not correctly or not all affecting factors are considered.


This equipment demands special calculation in each case. Configuration is always individual, depending on local conditions; it demands predesign and installation site inspection, and operation by specialists of our company.