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Cartridge Filters IVEKS

Cartridge Filters IVEKS

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Standard type filters IVEKS are intended for dry gas purification at some technological processes (drying, roasting, welding, combustion of fuel, etc.) and aspiration air in various industries. Thanks to the latest computer programs, in the course of development of the filter there is a detailed design modeling and modification of construction, taking into account gas loadings.

Products are applied to operate at temperature of filtered air-gas mixture from -50 °C to +80 °C and the environment from -50 °C to +50 °C.

Purification is conducted in several stages:

  • sedimentation of large dust particles into a hopper due to sharp decrease of the flow speed at the first stage in pre-camera -1st stage of filtration
  • catching of smaller fractions in filtering material of cartridges - 2nd stage of filtration
  • catching of fine particles in filtering material of pocket (filter cloth) or high effective (corrugated material) HEPA filters - 3d filtration stage

The filter is allowed to be manufactured without the third step (pocket or the HEPA filter) if it meets the requirements of operation and efficiency.

Cartridge filters elements of the second filtration stage are periodically regenerated (purified) by compressed air. Electronic controller carries out control of regeneration. Filters of fine purification of the 3d stage cannot be regenerated and are subject to replacement, when a certain admissible differential drop (depends on filter model) is reached. Pressure difference is controlled by differential pressure gauge.

Filter casing has modular design and consists of several sections. Four-section filter is shown on the pic. It is possible to install up to 10 and more sections as a part of one filter. Dirty gas inlet is located aside; exhaust outlets - in the top part. For multi-section filters, collectors are provided. For single-section execution, it is possible to place the fan at the top of the filter (see fig. 1).

Replacement of filter elements is made via hatches at the side part of the filter.

Removable, hermetically sealed, wheel-mounted dust collector is located in the lower part.

Other filter modifications, for example, filters without hopper to be installed on silos, are made of corrosion-proof materials, with safety valve (membrane), etc.

Application advantage of these filters is the possibility to return the air to the shop with minimum dust content. Admissible for specific conditions, for preservation of energy resources.

Main filter parameters of Series IVEKS-1,2,3 are presented in table 1.
Indicator name Values IVEKS-1 IVEKS-2 IVEKS-3
Filtration efficiency of the 2nd stage mg / m Less than 1
Filter class of the 3d stage GOST P 51251 from G1 to U17
Number of sections pcs. 1 2 3
Number of cartridges pcs. 4 8 12
Flow rate of the purified gases, nom. / max. (capacity) thous. m3 / h 2,5 - 9 5 - 18 7,5 - 27
Specific air load on filter elements of the 2nd stage of filtration, not more than m3 /m2min 1,5