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Bag filters IVERS

Bag filters IVERS

Bag filters IVERS Series are created for dry purification of non-explosive dusty air-gas emissions of industrial productions. Thanks to the latest computer programs in the course of bag filters' development there was a detailed design and its optimization taking into account gas loadings.

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Bag filters IVIRS series can act as analogs of such filters as FRI, FRKI, FRKN, FRO, SMC, SRF, KFE, Tetratex.

Application area of bag filters

These are various industries where bag filters are necessary in accordance with technical design requirements:

  • Metallurgical
  • Power
  • Petrochemical
  • Chemical
  • Wood processing
  • Production of construction materials and so forth.

Bag filter is considered the most widespread type for dust and gas particles purification as its efficiency in comparison with cyclones, electric precipitators or cartridge filters reaches 99,9%.

Bag filter casing has modular, easy-assembly design on bolt connections. It allows to be mounted without use of load-lifting devices. It can be installed in hard-to-reach places or in constraint conditions. Casing can be equipped with a tent or a protection enclosure.

High-energy efficiency and profitability of bag filters is the main advantage of this type. That is why it is widely competitive. In addition, metal consumption of this filter type is much less in comparison with similar.

Technical features of IVERS bag filters:

  • Filter has 2 stages of purification process: the first stage — collecting chamber with spark arrester and the second stage — filter bags;
  • Bags, applied in round section filter, are located at a certain distance from each other. It creates low gas flow in inter-bag space, in comparison with flat bags. It reduces the possibility of dust return on the surface of the next bag at regeneration procedure. As a result, there is an improvement of regeneration effect;
  • Collecting chamber is equipped with integrated flow distribution and spark suppression devices; if it is necessary to install collecting chamber in front of the filter, a replaceable device for catching resin particles and other consistence;
  • Purified air outlet from "pure gas" chambers can be executed from both -"dirty gas" side, and from the opposite side, or from both sides;
  • Maximum rated operating discharge/pressure in bag filters makes ten thousand of Pascale (10 000 Pa);
  • Electric heating of valves in regeneration system, located in heat-insulating casing, allows operating at negative ambient temperature;
  • Filter controller normally functions at ambient temperature -40 … +55 °C without additional electric heater;
  • Regeneration system doesn't include elements, which are classified as "pressure tanks" and doesn't demand registration and passports;
  • Compressed air route at the inlet to filter collector is equipped with pressure sensor, and the filter has regulating device for additional dust purification and air restriction.

Range of IVERS series bag filters

Five bag lengths (1300, 2550, 3650, 4900, and 6000) and number of sections in the filter (from 1 to 10 or 2х10) define nomenclature number. Therefore, fifty standard sizes of IVIRS bag filters are included into manufacture range.

Table 1. General technical characteristics of bag filters

Parameters Unit of meas.
Productivity of the purified gas * 2300. . .320000
Filtration area* 39. . .3560
Casing material steel Carbon steel, corrosion-proof, chemical coating
Number of sections* Pcs. from 1 to 20
Filter elements length* mm 1300, 2550, 3650, 4900, 6000
Purified gas temperature> -40. . .+260
Inlet dust content of the purified gases to 200
Outlet dust content of the purified gases * mg/Nm3 <10
Operating hydraulic resistance Pa 800. . .1600
Extreme hydraulic resistance Pa 2500
Admissible discharge for the filter *> Pa 10000
Type of applied filter materials* - Acc. to operating conditions
Possibility to apply electric heating -
casings, hoppers of valve group Yes

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