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Gas-purification and dust removal equipment

Gas-purification and dust removal equipment

Every day industrial enterprises throw out a huge number of their activity products in the air - shaving, dust and harmful substances. To minimize harm for the environment at enterprises, gas-purification and dust removal equipment is used. LLC Industrial Vostok Engineering develops systems for different types of productions taking into account the nature of pollution at each of them.

Where cleaning is required

Gas-purification and dust removal equipment is required at the following enterprises: food and light industry, cement, chemical, metallurgical, oil processing, in household and industrial boiler rooms and at refinery plants.

Most of all emissions are the share of ferrous metallurgy. More than 50% of carbon oxides and sulfur are thrown out by agglomerative production. One more source of ecological troubles – martin and converter steel-smelting shops where huge amount of dust is formed out of metal furnace charge, slag, ore, limestone and scale. Not including oxides of slag and metal vapors, gases from boiling steel. Without the corresponding cleaning these substances in the atmosphere can lead to serious deterioration of the planet's ecology.

Types of purification units

Industrial emissions have very different structure: smoke, dust, fog, splashes and gas. Ideally, the volume of substances getting to the atmosphere should be minimized to zero mark. For this purpose enterprises use, for example, wet and dry way of gas purification. However, unfortunately, operating term of such equipment is maximum 40 years, and, so most of the enterprises have outdated units.

It is possible to find high effective dust collectors in gas-purification equipment catalog of LLC Industrial Vostok Engineering. In particular, bag filters, electric precipitators and wet dust collectors. But bag filters enjoy the greatest confidence as only they allow to detain fine particles up to 5 microns, even having high electric resistance (electric precipitators catch them hardly). Gas purification degree when using hose filters makes more than 99%. Power consumption at the same time – 2-2,5 kWh per 1000 cubic meters of gases. Hose filters are manufactured of synthetic fabrics that allows to operate them at temperature of 1400 C and higher.

For purification of large volumes – more than 500 thousand cubic meters at temperature 1500 C, bags with pulse purge are used. Specific load in this case is slightly higher, but not high yet, in comparison with other methods – 406 cub.m/kV. m*min. Such bags serve up to two years and are simple in service.

It should be noted that supervisory authorities carefully control emissions of all industrial enterprises. They pay ecological taxes for excess amount of the substances polluting the atmosphere.